The GEN Initiative Ltd.  Working with grassroot NGOs and the most disadvantaged villagers to contribute to the elimination of poverty.

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GEN and its partner End Poverty (EP) undertake a variety of activities to improve infrastructure and access to government services in response to demand from the villagers. To enable this we have encouraged the formation of Village Development Groups (VDGs) to enable issues to be raised and discussed assess priorities for development at a village level.

VDGs have had many successes. Over 50 small infrastructure development projects have been undertaken at the instigation of village development groups supported by EP. These have included providing water pumps, improvement of roads and pathways, building proper boundaries to schools and other public places, improving agricultural production through water management and supply of better plants and seeds.

VDG meetings are being held regularly in Mithyavass and Ram Lal ki Dhani and have recently discussed a variety of issues including

 How to repair unpaved roads in the villages

 How to extend the literacy classes

 Where to set up livelihood activities

A problem regarding the timing of electric supply was raised, taken to the District Collector’s office in Alwar and Immediate action and relief was promised

Farmers Exposure Visit:

On the 2nd of November 2013, 33 farmers from three villages were taken to the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi and to participate in training (Krishi goshthi) conducted by National Skill Foundation of India, Gurgaon. A krishi mela was also part of the event. This has given an idea to the farmers about the current agricultural items, practices and contact details about companies and relevant contact persons.

The programme for the VDGS was reviewed at the Stakeholder Meetings in March 2013. Action identified for VDGs’ attention included: arranging training for farmers to increase productivity and improve marketing of their products; ensure fair prices and availability of seeds, fertiliser and pesticides; find loans for livestock; set up dairies at village level; improve quality of roads; support widows engagement with livestock and dairy activities; improve distribution of water and access to drinking water; programme to install toilets. VDGs were also asked to address problems of youth unemployment, to press for improvements in the quality of schools and the quality and level of education they provide including provision to level 8 or better still a local secondary school, and to seek ways to provide higher education for girls in the villages. End Poverty and GEN will make supporting villagers in meeting these aspirations a priority in 2013-14.