Plans to develop rural tourism for income generation – how is it going?

With growing interest among tourists for first hand experience life in rural and village India, GEN and END POVERTY (EP) have been exploring the development of rural tourism as a means of income generation for Tijara villagers since 2012. Within the ‘golden triangle’ visitors to north India can reach the Tijara villages in about 2 hours from Delhi. The villages have the characteristics typical of any Indian village in a relatively isolated rural area. They also offer the chance to see GEN/EP village based projects in action. GEN has already compiled a visitors guide to the area, covering agriculture, ecology, bird life, buildings of historic interest, culture and demography, and some suggested walking trails. (Contact for a copy). If you are interested EP is ready to facilitate a visit – see below.

Ameer in the EP office

The most recent input to our rural tourism plans was made by Ameer Virani (left) who generously volunteered to work with EP for 3 months to develop proposals for an initial tourist package, including the actions necessary to progress our plans. Ameer is a postgraduate from Leeds Metropolitan University’s Responsible Tourism Masters course. As key outcomes Ameer’s proposal highlights income generation and skill development for an otherwise primarily agricultural population. It also cites promoting inter-cultural understanding between visitors and village hosts, and the chance to invest in improved sanitation facilities. It suggests one day visits and overnight stays in 5 villages as the starting point. In each village people would be trained in hospitality, catering, security management and first aid, with others being prepared to act as local guides, and to provide support services for overnighters. Host families would be assisted in upgrading visitor accommodation.

N.B. This is a unique opportunity to get first hand experience of village life, and to help us refine the project plan. You only need to add 1-2 days to a north India holiday. Cost of a 1 day visit excl transport - about £25 per head. Overnight hotel - £30 for a double room.  

If you are interested please contact

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